Church of Agios Ioannis the Russian

At the centre if the town of Neo Prokopio dominates the majestic church of Osios Ioannis the Russian, which is one of the most important pilgrimages not only of Euboea, but also of Greece.

Neo Prokopi was founded by Greek refugees that came to Chalcis from Prokopi in Cappadocia in 1924, during the population exchange after the Asia Minor Catastrophe. They brought with them the relics of Osios Ioannis the Russian, that was kept at the church of Agios Vasileios in Prokopi, having survived in the past the plundering and vandalism of the Turks.

To honor the saint’s memory the refugees constructed the present day church at their new homeland. Its construction begun in 1931 and its inauguration took place in 1951. Since 1962 it has functioned as a charitable foundation with important spiritual, social and charitable work.

The church is large in dimensions, cross vaulted with a dome, narthex and two bell towers. A dominant position interior in its interior has the marble construction that covers the silver reliquary with the saint’s relics, which is decorated by relief representations from his life and his miracles. At the church they also keep important portable icons, some of which came from Cappadocia. Among them what stands out is the oldest known icon of Osios Ioannis, which dates from around 1790 and depicts him at a young age.

For accommodating the numerous visitors that come here from various places, the church possesses a large hostel that was inaugurated in 1989 by the Metropolitan of Chalcis Chrisostomos. Furthermore, is possesses conference halls, auxiliary areas and a museum, while it hosts conferences, speeches and other events.

The church functions as a pilgrimage and on the 27th of May, day of the memory of the saint, a majestic procession of his shrine takes place.