1st message:

The first confirmation message you receive will be in standby mode (status: waiting) up to check the details of your reservation and make ANY clarifications. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the department if not received the confirmation message, or if any of the booking details are incorrect. All the details you have entered / or have requested to be introduced in the booking process will be displayed in detail in the confirmation message and the last page after the payment.

Please print and keep this information for your records.

2nd message:

Once the necessary control elements has done the second message will be sent to you in which you will be informed about the status of your reservation (status).

  • Status: Accepted (if your reservation has been accepted)
  • Status: Rejected (if your reservation is rejected)

* Any change in transportation arrangements subject to the following amendment charges. Additionally, any cancellation is subject to the following cancellation charges.

Please note: in the last step of the booking process, you will see all details of the reservation to the check before the process is complete and confirm the transfer. Please check and fix any errors.