Hereby we declare that this website and its booking engine is owned and operating by features data and services which are being offered by the cooperative parties to the internet users, direct customers and agents. Through this reservation system, the final user can book and pay his transfers towards available desinations. All these services and products are subjected to the present terms of use. Additionaly, every service that is available ( as a result of using this application), is subjected, also, to the terms of use determined by a local contracted partner who provides the service (taxi company, individual drivers, transport companies). The terms of any service provider are on clients disposal upon request. The tranfsvip for all is not responsible for the issues that appeard as a result of service provided by a contracted party, which was different than one available through the reservation system.

In any case of disagreement, or in case that these terms are not fully satisfying to you, your permision to use this website or any other related service, will be automaticly suspended. Significant additional matters. We monitor all transport arrivals, for possibility of delay. And consequently, we will wait, until you arrive If (highly unlikely), the driver and the client cannot meet at the predetermined area, we will do our best to locate the client by phone. Therefore, it is a client’s responsibility to provide us with correct and valid phone number (that includes the international dyling code), during the reservation pocedure. If the customer fails to do so, he/she himself is responsible to contact for all, and to inform about any delay, or any problems which consider tracking the driver.

No money will be returned in cases such as:

  • A. If the client doesn’t provide us with correct telephone number, or doesn’t make a call to a 24 hous emergency number (it appears at the confirmation message, as well as on the document), both of which could result of losing the transfer.
  • B. If the client fails to give us accurate informations about the trip (flight number, the exact time etc..), that could, also, result of losing the transfer, because of lacking the correct information in order to monitor your arrival.
  • C. In case that waiting exceedes 2 hours, without of any liability by any of the two parties, our company is obligated to return 50% of the deposit, or if the company (with the consent of the customer), continues to execute routes as scheduled, and after that can also meet the clients needs.
    In case you needan extra vehicle (per example: excessive or oversized luggage, additional number of passangers etc), additional fees apply that supplementary/different vehicle. Unusal requests, which are not included in the reservation site, are always welcome, and our team will do its best to make them possible. However, there is no any solid guarantee that those request will be satisfied. The amount of payment covers all the possible coasts, including the waiting time after the aircraft has landed.

Compesation for all is not responsible for demands that exceed the amount payed by client. In the case of failure to provide the service (which is highly unlikely), the customer is entitled to compesation that corresponds to the amount that was already payed. Other kind of claims cannot be maid. Please notice that, on any destination, drivers keep the right to denie boarding on a vehicle to any passengers who are under influence of alchohol or show improper behaviour. In cases such as these, money will not be returned, and if some kind of damage has been done by clients part, legal prosecution will follow, as well as claim for compesation.

Insured vehicles
Concerning all security issues, related to the offered services, we clearly state and accept (since the for all is operating and cooperating only with vehicles that have insurance coverage obligated by law), that the security responsibility lies fully on the owner of the vehicle.

Data protection for all ensures confidentiality of data for all its customers. Your electronic payments are protected by ssl certificates.