Monastery of Saint Paraskevi at Tempi

The traditional chapel of Agia Paraskevi is built in the rock, in the Tempi Valley.

The chapel is one of the most important pilgrimages in the area, with thousands of visitors each year. Particularly intense is the presence of pilgrims, on the 26th of July, during the feast of Agia Paraskevi, the protector of the eyes and the gypsies. In the same area there are two springs, “Daphne” and “Aphrodite”. There is the well-known church of Agia Paraskevi, built around 1910 by O.S.E. and the financed by the National Railway staff.

Next to the church exists a small cave, where is the original pilgrimage, and at the end of the cave from a hole in the rock springs the holy water of Agia Paraskevi. The cave is so small, that a single person can barely fit.

The iron pedestrian bridge you must traverse to visit the church was built in 1960, until then the believers were transported to the opposite side of the Pinios by boat or by a small wooden bridge.