Monastery of Timios Prodromos (Veria)

The Monastery of Timios Prodromos of the Skete of Veria is built on the green foothills of Pieria mountains and it has a view of the wonderful Aliakmonas river. It is 20kms away from Veria.

It is one of the most historic monastic centres of Macedonia. It has been working as a skete since 9th century, while it started working as a Monastery in the 14th century. It had a special splendour as very important Saints of our Orthodox church became hermits there or passed from the Monastery, like Grigorios Palamas, Dionysius of Olympus, Theonas, Kosmas Etolos, Athanasios Parios, Saint Antonios (the Patron Saint of Veria) and Saint Theophanis (the Patron Saint of Naousa).

In 1822, the Monastery was set on fire and was completely destroyed by the Turks. The only building that survived was the chapel of the Metamorphosis of Jesus Christ on the rock. The Monastery was being restructured until 1835. It was restored lately and now there are 4 monks.

In the Monastery, a lot of holy relics are kept like Ioannis Prodromos’ (his fingers), Saint Ioannis Chrysostom’s, Charalambos’, Trifon’s, Barbara’s, Kosmas’s and Damianos’, Dionysius Areopagitis’, Artemios’ Luke the apostle’s etc…

aint Klimis, the bishop of Ohrid, (27/8) was born and bred in the Monastery. His holy head has been located here since the 12th century, according to his own wish. It also exudes myrrh.